DianeLewis01Hi and welcome to In Good Hands, a Dog Walking and Training Service for  Chapel Hill, Southern Village, Carolina Meadows, Briar Chapel and Fearrington.   Our training services also include Hillsborough, Pittsboro and Durham.   How many times have you felt badly about leaving your dog while you are at work? Do you have a puppy or a young dog who can’t make it through the day without a potty break? Or perhaps you have an older dog who also needs to get out during the day. I am also happy to assist you with your feline friends and other pets.

Maybe you have plans for a long shopping trip and would feel more comfortable knowing your dog was attended to in your absence. And there may be times when medical issues or appointments prevent you from putting your dog out. In Good Hands can ease your mind when you can’t be at home whether it be on a weekly or periodic basis.  We offer a free “Meet & Greet” for individuals interested in the dog walking component of our business.

DianeLewis085creditIn Good Hands also offers in-home dog training. Do you have a puppy who needs help with house or crate training, or maybe with some basic skills such as sit, down, stay and come? Want to stop your dog from ‘counter surfing’ or jumping on people? Would you like to teach your dog some cute tricks to show off for friends? Or maybe you are tired of your pooch greeting everyone at the door in an over-the-top manner!

Regardless of the age of your dog, these are behaviors which make life easier and more pleasant for you and for your dog, and some of the many areas of dog training that I can assist you with in your home. As the owner and sole contractor for In Good Hands Dog Walking and Training, I use only positive, reward-based training.

“The doors swing open and her face lights up in incredulous joy. ‘You’re a silly dog, then. Aren’t you a silly dog? I told you I wouldn’t be long.’ This to a squirm of back, a flash of paws, a lashing of tail, a bucketing rump, a leap and a wriggle and a lolling tongue. The world has come right again.” Pam Brown, 1928